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My fandoms: Glee. Big Brother. HIMYM. Degrassi.

My people: Daniele Donato. Rachel Reilly. Jordan Lloyd. Riker Lynch. R5. Munro Chambers. Annie Clark. Charlotte Arnold. Cory Monteith. Naya Rivera. Dianna Agron. Everyone in the Glee cast really. Troian Bellisario. Mila Kunis. Emma Stone.

My ships: St. Berry. Fuinn. Puckleberry. Fabrevans. Brittana. Finntana. Klaine. Werri. Mongron. Rachel/Broadway. A little bit of Pezberry and Faberry. Seddie. Lily and Marshall. Barney and Robin. Spencer and Toby. Jeff and Jordan. Dominic and Daniele.

I don't hate on ships. But I do not like, whatsoever, Finchel or Quick. I don't mind most ships, but with these two, I just can't stand them.

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